We can never truly know the history of the earth. Evert so often, something will come along to remind us of just how much we still don’t know about our terrestrial home. Buried deep in the permafrost under the glaciers of Antartica is the remnants of a hyper-advanced society century older than the first cavemen. From what little we’ve been able to ascertain, they were human, if much more evolved than their contemporaries. It’s hard to know for sure if this society perished before it became trapped under the ice or after. What truly makes this discovery remarkable is the technology left behind at the heart of the site.

After many grueling years excavating the site in unforgiving conditions, archeologists unearthed a device that could save humanity from the brink of self-destruction — or if it is not handled properly, end us all. How we navigate these SIMPLE HAZARDs of the future past will dictate the course of humanity for generations to come.