Lexicon & Badges

Hand Painted Designs: Every design is prototyped long before they go into production. These prototypes are hand painted as they will go through many changes before being considered“finished”. Many designs continue to be hand painted once they go into production and it’s our pledge that every brush stroke is made by human hands. This level of dedication means that each shirt takes between six and eight hours to complete on demand.


As simple as it could be its all Made in USA. Some materials primarily for Wallet Ropes are coming from global markets.


Truly Unique Designs: DEDA designs do not rely on remixing or re-purposing pop culture. They will never be copied from famous iconography, nor have it integrated into or otherwise mimicked.

Screen Printed Designs: Certain essential designs are screen printed to create a different feel as well as making them more accessible. The process of printing uses Superluxe Discharge Inks to remove the garment’s original dye, revealing the natural fiber underneath, which is then replaces with the final color. This more Eco-friendly process leaves you with a softer and more
breathable shirt.

Hand Sewn: When a DEDA product is hand sewn, it does not touch a machine during production. Each stitch is pulled through the fabric by hand with a needle and thread, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Authentic Handmade: The products that tote this label are made with human hands through every stage of production - there is no machination or automation -and the tools used are only those tried and tested throughout human history.